ALGOPOL: Research into Value-Sensitive and Transparent Algorithmization in the Police


Isabelle Fest publishes ALGOPOL work in “Patterns”

In her first ALGOPOL output, Isabelle Fest examines how legal and ethical frameworks affect data professionals in the public sector in the Netherlands. For the article recently published in the peer-reviewed, open-access journal “Patterns,” Isabelle collaborated with Maranke Wieringa and Ben Wagner. Maranke is an external PhD student at Utrecht University and works as a consultant on topics such as data-driven work in government and algorithmic use by government. Ben Wagner is assistant professor at TU Delft and professor of media, technology and society at Inholland.
The article examines and compares the cases of municipalities in the Netherlands and the Dutch Police to understand the difference between ethical and legal standards and daily practice. The article finds that there are strong contrasts between guidelines and common practices.

If you are interested, you can find the article here.